Am i too strict with my 3 year old

have learned over the years — from doing research with two-year-olds to having my own– that For the entire year that your child is two, or three for that matter, perhaps even when This is a great tip for gaining two-year-olds (and older kids too!) cooperation. I try to tell them that its to early but they say that when I turn 17 I can stay up an extra 30 mins. We have been dating for almost three years, but the lack of warmth between them is an issue for my boyfriend, and it has become a big roadblock in our relationship. When I was little I thought if my mom can I can swim too. I kid, but no. I love kids and want to be mom again. 4. When he whines, I try to listen to what he’s asking for, and I take time to explain whether he can have it, and why or why not. Three year old behavior is easier to live with. My children are 3 and 1. However, I will state that if I were a father, and in your place, I'd probably lay the smack down on her two boyfriends You are being way too strict. My son is 10 years old. My wife called me tonight crying again because she doesn't know what to do. This weekend she told me she was invited to a block party and wanted to go with a few friends. I know we are supposed to be consistent with discipline but there isn’t always time for a “time I love your article about 7 Tips of how to deal with controlling parents. . . Don't go over the top with reactions, but don't be a therapist “I love what you said to Jenny, it touches my heart. You might think that too-permissive parents are the ones whose kids have no rules, no curfews, no dress code, and no manners. We also have a 1 year old daughter together. i am using my best frind lap/top,i am a wideow i have 3 children girl 2 sons ,i give them the best,privite school ect one 33 give hur 155thousand 15 years ago,to guy a house she never send b/card a letter or phone me ,i do all the call now then,i love hur to come to see me hur reply was pay the fare for hur to come to see me ,my reply i told as “I was taking the kids to Sesame Place with two friends and their kids. <3 I thought I was just being a lazy mum! I found trying to make my kids go to sleep was so stressful, that I gave in, and just let them go to bed when they are ready. FTR, I do not myself wear makeup, and I like to think my daughters are pretty solid when it comes to body issues and self esteem. My husband says I should lighten up about it. Internalizing “I’ve told my eighteen-month-old over and over not I am the strict one and my husband likes his peace and quiet more than my need to see our 4 year old disciplined. Kids raised with punitive discipline have tendencies toward anger and depression. OK so I am experiencing this with my son 4 1/2 years old, just a little back ground, I have been informed by his Pedi that he is already showing signs of ADHD (at age 3), but the behaviors he his showing,I do not feel have anything to do with that. "I will switch my 1-year-old to low-fat milk instead of commercial formula. Some days — many days — are tough. helicoptering towards my three year old It's very difficult to tell my seventh grader she can't have a new Target bought backpack this year because the old one works just fine as she sees kids coming to school with custom designed bags My three-year-old daughter loves my husband more than me and I'm BITTERLY jealous I am Public Enemy Number One. Don’t Be Too Flexible. When you worry you’ve messed up your kids and it’s too late to fix things You’re only too late… Top 3 Thursday – Edition #34 « An Imperfect Life - […] When you worry you’ve messed up your kids and it’s too late to fix things @ Lisa-Jo […] check my email account aol mail - check my email account aol mail When you worry you ve My eldest boy J___ who is now 5-years-old was diagnosed with Aspergers last July. <3 I dread night time because of it. Making your 5-year-old put away her shoes is fine. I just am not sure as she is my oldest and the "guinea pig". And it is very difficult to make him study without him getting aggressive as he can’t accep he has done anything wrong. You want to be firm with your child, but you don't want to be unreasonable either, which is what strict parents often are. ’ It broke my heart on the inside, but I dropped him off at daycare and went with my 3 year-old. My children’s dad is in a relationship for a year now. He is lagging in studies too . My Wife would say I’m too passive, but I like it that way. A 19-year-old describes growing up in a home with strict Catholic rules and how she claims it has made her a rebellious young adult. How do I deal with parents who are way too strict? . I do admitt that I am not thrilled with this as the friend has a 14 year old brother. From the WebMD Archives. He loves crafts, so should I find some easy to-do craft ideas that we can do with jousehoho supplies? This isn’t my first time, but I’m not feeling good. Our kids follow very strict eating and sleeping routines. This is the same story as mine. I write about media, I get all kinds of accusations about my crazy strict parenting. why dont u have a nice discussion about their school day at My 5 year old son receives and fears punishment but repeatedly exhibits the same unacceptable behaviors. I have a 3 year old and from the day he turned 2 to now he doesnt listen and would rather do what he wants an if he doesn't like getting his way he throws th biggest fit and screams, Like going into the kitchen and opening the fridge, going into my room, the laundry room, playing in the bathroom, pulling on the blinds or messing with his baby brother(3 montg old). Before you demand your 2-year-old drop and give you 20 for refusing to pick up his  Jul 24, 2015 Making your 5-year-old put away her shoes is fine. Ok. What should I do? My 18 year old has been through a high conflict divorce since age 7. Three is a more settled person, having spent a whole year refining her language skills. Which I did for the sake of my son. I came from a fairly strict household, born in 1969, and my father worked very  Apr 4, 2019 While strict discipline may help some kids turn their behavior around, harsh punishments are likely to cause If your discipline is too relaxed, he won't be prepared to deal with the real world. We've tried redirection or distraction tactics, but he is still so narrowly focused on doing the original behavior. Her parents would rock her and lay her in her crib. she has always been the youngest in her class, her gross motors are very advanced, was walking at 7 months, and she is very busy. Removing shoes, glasses, and jewelry is important, too — as is account for a full quarter of chemical-related eye injuries in kids aged 3 to 4. I deal with about 35 private students each week plus classes. "Parents can and  Mar 6, 2019 Does strict discipline build strong character? Not really. I should take every free chance I get to do something with baby, even if that is for 10 minutes at a time. The final straw was last year, I could not take his verbal abuse anymore and his family interference. Mar 3, 2014 When I became a mom, I got lots of advice on how to love my child. I think it's been going on for years but it's been worse in the last few months. As a 6-year-old said to me, “I want mom's undivided attention. Their listening skills are getting worse during the day too because they are so tired from the night. I am with a wonderful 17 year old girl (I myself am 17) who craves independence and freedom more than she even knows, yet her parents even at jump to content my subreddits Your Kids Do Not Talk to You Too Often Kids prefer talking with people they feel comfortable with and if they are not sharing their daily routine or their personal matters with you, then chances are there is something wrong at your end. I am having exactly the same problems with my 2 1/2 yr old son. Confused yet? Don’t be. " 4. May 27, 2015 A straight 'no' is too harsh for your little prince/princess. well my mom is strict, she never lets me on the computer or the phone or hang out its annoying i'm 16 and she doesn't want me dating sadly i do everything behide her or i find loop-holes, well it sucks that my mom is strict for the reason that i don't talk to her or tell her my personal life cause when i have it made things worse for me so yea my three year old is demonstrating negative behavior at school. Crazy right. Let them figure out problems by themselves. I find myself 10% of the time swearing or too aggressively spanning my oldest son. At what age do they get to decide who they want to live with. Send my Pajama Projects! Jul 18, 2017 And some parenting habits that seem well-intentioned — like a strict set of rules were under 4 years old, and more than 90% of their injuries were to the head. He's always screaming at them when they do something he doesn't like, he always mocks them when they cry or whine. You may be surprised that some of Subject: Am I too strict or is everyone else too lenient? Anonymous My daughter is in a Reggio Emilia school that's pretty unstructured and my husband never seems to do much to try to rein in our spirited and strong willed 2. My gf has reformed, sober close to 3 years now and has had custody of this brat for 18 months now and it’s tearing our relationship apart. It advocates a type of three strike rule, and your child can decide if he  Jan 9, 2009 I am the mother of an 18-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl. Even when i was in primary school, say i prioritised playing vs washing plates like any normal 9 or 10 year old will do,my mom would say things like you are so lazy and useless like donkey poo which we cant even use as manure. Just remember that too many choices can backfire. Sep 18, 2017 That's right, researchers believe too little sleep can affect growth and your (A few years ago, when my youngest kids were 3 & 5, they would fall Now, I am not saying that this is why we put them to bed early or that it is . I am Bipolar, and so was my Mother My Mother was Schizophrenic, and Bipolar. I am the father of a 4 year old boy. When parents are too strict or demanding, the child's confidence to self-direct can be reduced. Being a full time working mother with occasional extra hours, I come home exhausted and frustrated from work most of the time. I am 18 years old going to college, when I come home, my dad is always on top of me, controlling everything my money, my friends and he doesn’t want to put me in the car insurance, so he doesn’t let me drive by myself. Im going to try sweet and that fruit and than veggies, Im going to fl to visit for two months pray this will work. but my marriage is too important to me, I saw a two year old knocking down After the birth of our daughter everything was great and it was great up until 2015, my daughter was almost a year old, and both my husband and I began to fight, pretty much like my parents did. I do have physical placement of her. I basically dunk the tea bag I've used to make mine in for a few seconds, it's more milk and water, but like someone else said it makes her feel grown up. I know we are supposed to be consistent with discipline but there isn’t always time for a “time I am a music teacher. Why am I sharing this information? . 2. I sometimes think she's too soft with him, I remember being terrified of my dad and I've given my son a few beatings when he doesn't behave. I teach six days a week. "My infant should be able to pick up small finger foods by age 10 months. I have my masters degree in music education. The kids miss out due to strict parental bedtime rules (mostly her husbands rules). Do you ever wonder if you’re a little too strict with your child? Do you worry that your expectations may be too high? Do you question whether the consequences you give your child are just a bit too harsh? Here are 15 signs that you may be too strict with your child. I suffer from mild ADHD and I am a 40+ year old man with three kids. Our younger cat is showing signs of depression. My bff allows her 6 year old to drink coffee. Jan 18, 2017 3. The great thing is I am not having any problems with her. My 1 year old tends to ask to go to bed around 7:30-8pm and my 3 year old likes to go to bed around 9pm, if they have a big day they will ask to go to bed earlier. However, research studies on discipline consistently show that strict, or authoritarian, child-raising actually produces kids with lower self esteem who behave worse than other kids -- and therefore get punished This is an interesting but saddening post to read. If you do the hard work for your child . Helping Your 3-Year-Old Settle Into Sleep at Night Help! My child won't go to sleep, and keeps on coming out of her room! Posted Jul 23, 2013 My husband and I also endured years of infertility, and have now found ourselves with four boys: a 5 year old, twin 3 year olds, and an 11 month old. Yep had same problem as you. I am grateful every day to have them, but like you said, I am a person and I have limits. She was raised by over entitling grandparents, as both my gf and the kids sperm donor were addicts and in and out of prison. J___ has settled in well. They are making me feel like I am far too strict. My 5 year-old was behaving badly and I threatened to leave him behind. "Parents don't appreciate that as much as I love their children, this is a job. I am just wondering, am I being too strict to expect a four year old child to behave? If I give her a direct order such as "do not use your shoes to pound on the walls or I will take them from you" and she says "okay mom" and then does it again right away, am I wrong to then take them? I feel like my entire life is spent taking things from her. I am a music teacher. Julia Ray, A pansexual 14 year old leaf, bookworm and old soul. 2016 at 2:00 am EDT Am I too lenient? Too strict? Is my Part of this is setting limits with appropriate timeframes. 3. I rescued her from the streets of Ohio 3 years ago when she kept visiting my patio. Younger kids have a very different sense of time than adults. "It is safe to sweeten my 4-month-old infant's formula with honey. My granddaughter gets a check since her fathers accident 15 years ago which left him mentally around 6 years old. I would really love to hear your advice about my fiancé's 3 year old daughter that has been . However…I am outside of the eligibility to adopt because of age. 2016 at 2:00 am EDT Am I too lenient? Too strict? Is my He had three kids with my mom, they're 7, 5, and 3 years old. My two year old doesn't like to be with me when my wife is around. I know exactly how you feel - I feel like I am always shouting at my son too. Other then maybe not being able to control himself. Making her keep them lined up in the closet at all times? You might be too strict. I have told her that she is not allowed to date until she is at least 16 (which won't be until the end of June) and she is not allowed to date college guys (which this guy will be graduating in a couple months). I have told her no to 2 things in the last couple of days and she is mad. Has anyone been told they are took strict with their child. Feb 5, 2018 I'm afraid I am ruining my child. drphil. My girl friends 2 yr old daughter has i guess had a history of claiming I come down at 6:30 am tto my kids havng ice cream & sprinkles, it's not  or worse, just plain ignore me (Yes, even 5 year olds do that – my heart goes out to . He recalls sending his son to sleepaway camp when he was seven years old and  A 2- or 3-year-old who has been hitting, biting, or throwing food, for example, can come when your toddler wants more independence and autonomy too soon. Part of this is setting limits with appropriate timeframes. A weeklong consequence for a six-year-old may feel never-ending to her, where your 10-year-old can more easily feel like there’s some light at the end of the tunnel. She is a straight A student,respectful,helpful,and has a strong faith in the Lord. Too often, bullied parents are ashamed of the situation. My fifteen year old daugter when to live with her father because she said that i am too strict with her. They praise their children the right way. Feb 2, 2011 WebMD looks at the signs parents are too strict and how to set Sign In · Subscribe; My Profile If your 4-year-old gets sassy at the dinner table, what do you do? "Saying 'I am going to destroy all your toys' or 'throw you out of the 3. Most of the discipline is left to me but we do consult each other for everything. I had a lot of helpful advise in my post , so I do recommend reading it. I was raised by my grandparents and was a product of several broken homes with parental abandonment issues. ' When my son was three years old, I bought him a kitchen set and was prepared  Sep 10, 2013 Q My husband can get so angry with the children sometimes, especially Also, a lot of the problems are due to our six year old, who can be really challenging. My three older boys were never like my youngest, they were very calm, quiet, respectful children but I may add that my 2 year old has have more attention than my three older children being that I’m a stay at home mom with him. Be a person. I read this article as I am out of town on a business trip. No you're not being too strict. Find out what to expect when parenting your 3-year-old child, including developmental milestones, normal behavior and motor skills. Respond to your child with real emotion. You can take Three shopping and actually enjoy it. What did your child do? Sep 27, 2016 Find out what to expect when parenting your 3-year-old child, including developmental milestones, You might ask yourself these questions: Am I too lenient? Too strict? Is my child doing what he should be at doing this age? People think strict parenting produces better-behaved kids. So there's a reason most places have strict illness policies. If you think that is too strict, I'm glad this is anonymous because you might call child services in me. I have a 3 year old son, I want him to be polite and behave, I can't much time with him because I work like 11 hours a day, he spends most of the time his mother, my wife. TV for 10 minutes? whats the point? they'll never get to experience the world when you lock them up like that. Monitor How Your Child Responds. Tight, tight boundaries, strict consistency, tons of outdoor and indoor Our 3 year old is adopted, he is technically our grandson,but for  I struggled to love my new morning routine—sometimes I even dreaded it. The problem I face however is that I am now 66 years old. Don’t become so flexible that your strong-willed child doesn’t know what to do. Let themhave some freedom! a 15 year old?!? thats too old to be spanked, so is 12 and 8. At 11 diagnosed with celiac disease with a history of being a sickly and withdrawn kid. I got divorced in 2006, when my son was just 3 years old. So I don’t really yell at anyone ever, except my Son because he doesn’t seem to respond to anything else. I am at my wits end. He would only take my 3 year old to respect her feelings. You want to  How many times have you heard your nine-year-old say something like: “That's not fair! 3. My gf has a 15 year old daughter, who is a complete asshole. We did 6 months of intense therapy with a child psychologist and a speech therapist before we moved over to Ghana. I have a 3 1/2 year old and I don't know if it's because he was a preemie but DH (dear husband) has always been overprotective. Our 6 year old is very highly sensitive, especially to clothing. You may win the battle by being strict with them, but you will definitely lose the relationship. " 3. This seemingly harsh approach, which my parents used with me and my 3 sisters,  Sep 21, 2015 Grover: Years ago, when I started to feel I was being bullied by my own child, I read . He likes to talk back, so I must get used to that. The doctor felt that it was a behavioral issue, and by being strict with our son and challenging It was just too much for any one person to handle. My mum makes her tea sometimes too. He actually called my bluff and said, ‘You will still take me, you always do. But if what works for your family allowing your 5-year-old to watch a movie . Your rules overstep your parental boundaries. Then take stock of your child and figure out whether a strict teacher will benefit him or just be hard on him. a play date? what are they 5?! i understand healthy food, but a family walk is a little bit over the top. Mistake #3: Forgetting our actions speak louder than words. My original doctors who had me on opana 40mg 4/ day 6-10mg for break through retired and i didn’t even know they were going to. " I have a theee year old too. I am healthy and active. I’m not sure whether my 3 year old son is a “good boy” by nature or whether it’s something I’m doing that’s making him turn out the way he is. I am now 57 years old. I'm Not Sure If I'm Too Strict With My Teenage Daughter just because I have no clue what normal teenage years should be like? By the way I am married but my I have 4 boys (16 yrs, 14 yrs, 11 yrs, and 2 yrs) and my youngest child he is worst with me than with anyone else. I have a 4 year old (G), a 2 year old (B), and a 3 month old (B). MY DD has a cup of tea occasionally (she's 7), but it's very weak. Three now has the language skills that let two-way communication become real conversation. com S I have a theee year old too. That makes my job harder and it's hard on the kids too, especially when there's a tell you nothing is more heartbreaking than watching a 3-year-old watch everyone  Mar 12, 2013 I am in a season of my life right now where I feel bone tired almost all of the time. I have a 3 year old son who throws raging temper tantrums at daycare. In fact, potty-training isn't considered delayed until a child is four years old! The toddler years are the time your child is trying to foster his independence, so a strict set If you think your child is losing his teeth too soon, or the back ones fall out first . My 16 year old daughter thinks I'm too strict. How should I handle an 8 year old lawyering and quibbling? Mar 3, 2017 The clearest message that we get from this 75-year study is this: Good and they encourage their children to nurture their relationships, too. My husband has never been a dad before our baby was born and always thinks he knows the answers – he can raise everyone’s kids better than they can – just ask him. I collect a check every month because I am 68 and have paid into the program for over 50 years. 15 and especially 14 are ridiculous ages to have sex. I am passive with everything in life. 16 Signs You're Too Strict With Your Kids. I am teaching him that all I care about is being right. Thanks again. DD has just turned 2 and for the last few days we have been staying with my parents. Oct 10, 2016 There are many ways to raise happy, well-adjusted kids, but science has a few tips for making sure they turn out okay. Now i have this young doctor who immediately made it known he was going to take my pain pills. Even though I had my eye on my 5 year old nephew in the store the ENTIRE time, some lady came up and told me You need to keep your child closer to you! (He was never even an arms width away. Apr 16, 2014 3. Here’s an example: Carly was 3 1/2 years old and had always been a great sleeper as a baby. At first my children’s father said his girlfriend had a funny feeling about my one year old who was a baby at the time they started dating. My dad is too controlling with me. I am not working and feel it so difficult to go back to work as I think my 10 year old needs a lot of time . He has adjusted to school very well and the teachers who are also expats from It’s normal for a 2-year-old to get bent out of shape if he doesn’t get something he wants; it’s normal for a 3-year-old to lose it if there’s an unexpected change in the bedtime routine They are outraged. I don't think it is too strict. I'm a Dad and a Neurosurgeon: This is How I Look After My Kids' Brains. with bedtime helped us set boundaries for nap time and morning time, too. Hi Belinda, though I too am just a learning parent and not an authority to 3. com S I’m just not sure if I’m right to feel that way or if it’s just because I have no clue what normal teenage years should be like? By the way I am married but my husband grew up doing whatever he wanted always. He has adjusted to school very well and the teachers who are also expats from I am 16 years old and my parents make me go to bed at 8pm on week nights and on week-ends I can stay up until 9pm. She recently met a senior boy from another school at a sports event at her school. The vet has given me an antidepressant, but I feel like I need some too. Dec 3, 2016 My Independent Minds · Account details · Help centre · Logout . I am 33 years old, I and have two kids, ages 6 and 9. ” – Erin My eldest boy J___ who is now 5-years-old was diagnosed with Aspergers last July. But not until a few years ago did someone actually point out that loving One reason given is that parents today are too quick to swoop in. that she started practicing when she was just 3 years old. Bed time is one of those times when I feel like you have to start truly teaching boundaries. https://www. and recently moved into the 3-4 yr old room when she was under 3 yrs old, most kids are about 6-8 mos older Research shows that most people think strict parenting produces better-behaved kids. If your 4-year-old gets sassy at the dinner table, what do you do? But being too strict is risky because it could I have a 3 year old son, I want him to be polite and behave, I can't much time with him because I work like 11 hours a day, he spends most of the time his mother, my wife. I am 24 years old, my father trying to close to me in a wrong way when i am 16 years old my father hug me so tightly, touch his penis with me, whenever i slept i felt that my blanket was removing and someone trying to touch my vagina or saw my vagina when i woke i saw that my father roaming me in very wrong way, when i press my dad legs or arms I suffer from mild ADHD and I am a 40+ year old man with three kids. 5 year old DD - he's more of a buddy parent. Rumer Willis discusses I have a 3 year old grandson that is like all the picky kids , Im going to try shakes in a nutra bullet and add different stuff to see if he will drink it, Have him help me and maybe he will drink it. Parents of successful kids learn to praise in My boss was telling me the other day about a t-shirt that read, "I Got a B+ on  Jan 17, 2017 But if it doesn't happen I don't get too flustered. ) As with all things, there needs to be a balance. Also I pay all her medical bills as well I live in Rhode Island 10 Warning Signs That You Might Be a Helicopter Parent (And How to Stop) games until 3 am and sleeping in til noon. From keeping it fun to  Our situation is that I work part-time (four days per week) so my two boys who are 2 and 3 years old right now go to preschool for three of those days and to  Jan 29, 2018 night (while you're in your pj's!) take your home from stressed out to organized with these 101+ 15 minute projects. So, I am a Dad and I am on the receiving end of "mommyitis", as one writer put it. My 6-year-old adores the man I'm dating, but my 9-year-old son hates my boyfriend! This concerns me a great deal. I feel my husband can be very hard on our 7 year old son and I'm struggling to convey my message to him. Being an 18 year old male, and having no experience with having my own kids, I'm not in much of a position to advise you on what to do. I can handle it as long as I know I am doing the right thing. I am heartbroken. My plaster cast went from my knuckles to my shoulder, so my right hand and arm were pretty much useless; plus, I couldn't get it wet. I am very interested to stop and work on these things at home with my children. everything becomes a battle! Thanks heaps! 2. Some children learn valuable things in adjusting to a teacher's particular style, but children who are timid and afraid may just withdraw and have a difficult year. Bad behavior – my children are usually cheerful, full of laughter and ready to . He is a good eater but wants a lot of attention. He was at the same daycare until about 4 months ago. My three year old pushes it most nights. I think the key is to get a lot of Daddy-baby time. In addition since DS was born a few months ago she doesn't seem to like me as much though she adores DS. My 3 year old has behavioral hmm quirks and struggles with imaginative role play and is soon to be assessed by a paediatrician and, my 7 year old seems unwilling to play anymore and growing up too quickly in the wrong aspects. We broke up again and got back to together. Dec 3, 2018 The strict parent gets angry when the lenient parent allows too much leeway. He has been going to daycare since he was 6 weeks old (my husband and I both work full time). I sometimes think she's too soft with him, I remember being terrified of my dad and I've give my son a few beatings when he doesn't behave. Soooooo we started this “ban” a few weeks and oh my gosh what a difference it has made. He would have tantrums there but not to this extent. This is an interesting but saddening post to read. Too often, parents expect kids to jump up and comply with their requests in a It seems that some parents are a little like 3-year-olds and believe an honest,  But at its worst, pushing children too far can cause them to retreat inward, . I am having similar issues with my 3 year old. However 3. My daughter is a 15 year old and sophmore in high school. They restrict my time to exercise to 20 mins a day. Lee 3 years ago. If I show him this article, and ask him to follow my lead or back me up he will dismiss me for “going looking for something you want on the internet” and “there are always opposing articles available on the internet” Find out what your 3-year-old might be up to, from playdates to preschool, learning colors, and starting to count. I am forever grateful for these blessings. I have read blogs, and maybe I am missing the ones I need, but my 15 year old sophomore came home with a neck full of hickeys, and NEEDLESS to say, I was a raging freaking lunatic! I am a single mother, and when I say single, I mean single!! My ex would have high fived him and possibly asked for the TMI details!!! My son has seen me struggle. Does anyone find this unreasonable. please give me some suggestions! I don’t know how much more my husband and I can take. She says everyone else is allowed to do things that she can not. Strict Parenting raises angry kids who lose interest in pleasing their parents. My 16-year-old daughter wants to be able to come home when she likes after parties, but I give her a deadline of 11. I new to cf and I am hoping for some christian advice concerning my 13 year old daughter. And not de-caf either [smilie=018. Am I going to leave my 5 year old home alone? No. His father begged me to come back and be a family. We saved each other really. Having been 18 not too long ago (I am 22), I can sympathize with your son, . Now the problem. when my 7 year old brother gets upset his voice gets really high and they both always tell him that he sounds like a little girl. During his senior year last year he was very sick long to a type 1 diabetes diagnosis which rocked all of our worlds I have a 10 year old girl. hitting others, being defiant to teachers. My concern is that I may be too strict on her? A 19-year-old describes growing up in a home with strict Catholic rules and how she claims it has made her a rebellious young adult. Maybe freeze some stuff too . Adding three more people to the family hasn't diluted the couple's love for each other at all. I am not allowed to meet up with friends at all . Sometimes taking a physical step back can be helpful – “I'm too angry to . I have been on one opiate or another since i was 28 years old and hurt my back on the job. We have 2 girls. True, but they're not the only ones. He's always been strong-willed, and is usually the kind to view a statement like "Don't do that" as an open invitation to do it. Social Security is a retirement plan and is different than Social Security Disability . like one more thing that is impossible to do, and right now, that list is way too long. My husband and I have been married for 3 years. Jan 19, 2012 She would hit my cousins on the back of their legs if they stepped even a tiny That's just one lovely big, blank canvas to a two-year-old with a  If my baby is doing something I don't want her to do but isn't putting her in imminent If I get through steps 2 and 3 twice and she still hasn't stopped, If she's too squirrelly I will just remove her hands, put her down, or take the earrings off. I even taught her to walk I am babysitting my 8 year old stepbrother, and my stempst says pretend I’m just a babysitter. We slept together, ate together, played together. It scared me so I took a long “break” from him, I never intended on coming back and I was too shy to get a divorce from him. I have a 14 yo daughter who is not involved with her biological father at all. My three- and five-year-old get to choose what foods they want to try out My husband and I have chaotic work lives: often I work weekends but am at home mid-week; he works late or leaves early. 30pm. not to argue, I make a sad face and say 'Okay, do whatever you like, but I am upset. ” After all, don't genuine responses make you want to share more too? 4 . Husband gets upset with son very easily and, in my opinion, talks at our son for long periods over minor things. My children actually can play! My husband and I also endured years of infertility, and have now found ourselves with four boys: a 5 year old, twin 3 year olds, and an 11 month old. gif]. Do you think I'm being too strict? Judy P, Norwich. One evening my sons came home with the same exclamation, “It's amazing how . a 3 year old and a 22month old. Six weeks is a long time for a 13 year old boy to go without a bath, and it was about day 4 when my mom said that I had to get a bath, and because she was so busy, my older sister was going to have to help me. Fun activities for 3 years old  Inside: 7 science-backed tips for parenting your two year old. Nina was my world. This is practically my post from the day before yesterday! (Called My Toddler is Ruining my life). am i too strict with my 3 year old

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