A teacher with a huge backside is trending on the internet and we are here to give you some reactions from Netizens

The internet has been set ablaze with this trending picture of a teacher’s heavy backside. People have been asking with this kind of teacher, will one ever miss a class?

Here Are Our Suggestions on how a teacher should dress

Teachers, like most other working professionals, don’t have the luxury of dressing however they would like. Outer appearances tend to make strong impressions and teachers are not immune to being judged based on their looks. Teachers work with administrators, students, families, and other teachers on a daily basis and need to make sure to put their best foot forward for all of them. Dressing the part is a great place to start.

Above all else, professionalism, practicality, and comfort should control a teacher’s wardrobe choices. Dress codes can vary considerably by school but there are a handful of universal rules. Dress for success by adhering to these general guidelines and suggestions.

Avoid Tight, Sheer, or Revealing Clothing

Avoid overly-clingy tops and slacks no matter what your body type and never show up to school wearing anything see-through or excessively low cut/short—this is basically true of all professional fields. There is no shame in wanting to look and feel your best but avoid anything objectively inappropriate or that could be construed as distracting or unduly sexy. Bear in mind that your clothes do not need to be loose-fitting or otherwise unflattering to be school appropriate.

Stay Age-Appropriate

Cultivate a professional persona by opting for age-appropriate clothing. It is not your job to dress for parents and families but know that you will probably be at least partially judged by your clothing. Think of how you would like to be perceived and dress accordingly—this goes for makeup too. That could mean keeping up on the latest trends, sticking with the classics, or something in between.

When in doubt, go for an approximation of business casual and avoid grey areas. If you’re not sure of a school rule, play it safe. As long as you present yourself as the qualified professional that you are, don’t wear anything that your students aren’t allowed to wear, and maintain authority, your clothing can be as fashionable and contemporary as you want it to be.

Stock up on Wardrobe Essentials

Many teachers find that a reliable collection of clothing staples makes their life easier. You may want to simplify your daily choices by selecting a few neutral go-to’s and a rotation of your favorite shades to mix and match as you please. Teacher clothes can be just as fun and colorful as any others and you shouldn’t feel the need to shy away from interesting patterns or hues but a handful of basic slacks, skirts, dresses, tops, and blouses could save you time and money.

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