Barcelona could terminate Lewandowski’s contract in January

Barcelona strategically embedded an incredible clause within Robert Lewandowski’s contract upon his transition from Bayern Munich, according to reports from Spanish media outlets.

Since his arrival at the La Liga club in 2022, the striker’s performance flourished, culminating in a stellar debut season where he claimed the top scorer title in Spain’s premier league.

Maintaining his prolific form into the second season, Lewandowski has already notched seven goals in 12 La Liga appearances.

However, an unexpected revelation by Spanish news source Sport outlines a clause in his contract that grants Barcelona the authority to potentially terminate the agreement in his third year should he fail to meet a specific game participation threshold.

Reportedly, this clause permits Barcelona to nullify Lewandowski’s contract if he falls short of playing 55 percent of the total matches, requiring either a starting position or a minimum of 45 minutes per game for his participation to contribute to the stipulated percentage.

Despite the revered status Lewandowski holds among Barcelona fans, considering the clause’s activation would coincide with his turning 36, the possibility of his departure looms on the horizon.

Notably, Barcelona, grappling with financial challenges in recent times, proactively secured control over the player’s future by integrating this clause, offering them flexibility should unforeseen circumstances arise.

This provision presents Barcelona with an option to part ways with Lewandowski if he encounters a severe injury or experiences a decline in performance, alleviating the burden of his substantial wages.

While uncertainty clouds the player’s future with the club, the unexpected disclosure from Spain heralds a surprising twist for many observers eagerly anticipating developments in this ongoing narrative.

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