Celebrity Chef Salt Bae is banned from attending U.S. open cup finals after his weird behaviour At FIFA World Cup

Videos and pictures of Turkish chef Nusr-et Gokce popularly known as ‘Salt Bae’ joining with the Argentine players as the victorious Argentina team celebrated after the 2022 FIFA World Finals went viral on the internet.

Salt Bae interacted with stars including Lionel Messi, took pictures and held the World Cup. After this, there was a big debate about who gave permission for Salt Bae to join the Argentina team’s celebration and hold the World Cup trophy in hand.

After the controversy, FIFA ordered an investigation against Salt Bae. Salt Bae’s arrival at the pitch of Lusail Stadium while Argentina players and their families were celebrating had angered Argentina fans.

Taking the trophy from the Argentina players and taking pictures with the trophy in his hands is a violation of FIFA regulations. Many people on and off social media have called for action against Salt Bae for disrupting the Argentina team’s celebrations.

Now, in the wake of this controversy, organizers have announced that Salt Bae has been banned from the US Open Cup Final.

They announced this through the official Twitter handle of the US Open Cup, “Salt Bae is hereby banned from the 2023 Open Cup Final.” The US Open Cup issued this ruling in response to the celebrity chef’s breach of etiquette and regulation at the FIFA World Cup finals.

FIFA is investigating how Salt Bae made an unauthorized entry into Argentina’s celebration.

According to FIFA’s rules, only a select group of people, including winners, FIFA officials and heads of state, can hold the prestigious World Cup trophy.

FIFA reports that internal action will be taken against Salt Bae. It is expected that there will be an exemplary action on the part of FIFA against Salt Bae.

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