Cristiano Ronaldo makes stylish appearance at Day of Reckoning: Boxing is my third favorite sport

Al-Nassr striker, Cristiano Ronaldo recently garnered attention as he graced the ‘Day of Reckoning’ boxing event featuring Bivol, Wilder, Parker, Joshua, Wallin, and others in Riyadh’s Kingdom Arena, Saudi Arabia on Sunday evening.

Displaying his fondness for professional boxing, the renowned athlete enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the grand venue to witness the matches.

Accompanied by a retinue of bodyguards, Ronaldo’s arrival captivated the audience, prompting many to capture photos and videos of the Portuguese star as he made his way to his seat within the arena.

His presence added an extra buzz to the already thrilling event held in the distant Middle Eastern region.

What is Cristiano Ronaldo’s second favorite sport?

At 38 years old, Cristiano Ronaldo stands as a revered icon in global soccer. Surprisingly, despite his eminence in the sport, soccer isn’t his preferred athletic pursuit.

In the documentary ‘Parallel Worlds,’ Ronaldo openly acknowledged his penchant for observing sports other than soccer, particularly expressing his preference for boxing and mixed martial arts over watching a soccer match.

He affirmed, “While playing soccer remains my passion, I find more enjoyment in tuning into boxing matches or UFC events when given the choice between them and a soccer game.”

Ronaldo was born a footballer, despite being a boxing fan

Cristiano Ronaldo openly admitted that he doubts his abilities as a boxer, feeling that his proficiency in the sport that has captivated fans across generations surpasses what he might have achieved in boxing. He firmly believes that his innate talent lies in football, considering himself naturally inclined towards the sport.

Reflecting on his capabilities, Ronaldo expressed, “I don’t reckon I could have excelled as a boxer. It’s a demanding field, requiring an inborn talent. I’ve always felt destined to be a professional footballer, sensing this innate gift from the outset. I resolved to seize the opportunity in football wholeheartedly.”

Residing in the Arab nation, Ronaldo has maintained a close eye on sporting events in the region. Notably, in September of this year, he was in attendance at a WWE event held in the same arena.

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