Doctors advised Mr Ibu to cut off his two toes – Former Manager Chochoo reveals the actor is alive amidst death rumors

Nollywood comic actor, John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu is alive and well despite persistent online rumors proclaiming his demise, Newspremises can confirm.

Ibu’s close friend and former manager, Chochoo debunked the falsified reports in an exclusive interview with Daily Trust.

Contrary to the ongoing speculations, Chochoo clarified that Mr Ibu is not only alive but is also scheduled for a surgical procedure over the weekend to address health concerns.

“He has been falsely declared deceased online for the past two months, but in reality, he remains very much alive,” Chochoo affirmed while underscoring the disparity between online misinformation and the factual truth.

In response to claims suggesting the amputation of Mr Ibu’s limb, Chochoo shed light on the actor’s health struggles.

While acknowledging health complications, specifically related to diabetes, Chochoo clarified that the proposed surgical intervention is not aimed at amputating Mr Ibu’s leg, as inaccurately circulated. Instead, medical experts advised the removal of two affected toes due to the severity of the illness, preventing further deterioration and potential complications.

Chochoo emphasized the stark contrast between the online fallacies surrounding Mr Ibu’s health status and the genuine reality.

It’s imperative to clarify that the actor is confronting health challenges but is far from the dire circumstances depicted by the erroneous reports.

This clarification serves to dispel misleading information, providing an accurate account of Mr Ibu’s health condition and combating the proliferation of false narratives surrounding his well-being.

The support and concern of fans and the public are appreciated during this challenging time, and updates will be shared as appropriate to ensure accurate information prevails.

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