Food Insecurity, Famine Looming In Nigeria – Edward Kallon Calls For Help

The Nigerian coordinator for the UN has asked the international community to come to the aid of Nigerians as the country faces life threatening hunger, Humngle reports.

Edward Kallon, the United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Nigeria, has called on the international community from a meeting in Geneva, Switzerland to come to the aid of Nigeria with budget funds as the country is in dreadful need of food.

“We are seeing Nigeria at a cross-road to a critical food insecure situation and a looming catastrophic food insecurity that could eventually result in a famine,” Kallon said.

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He stated that constraints are pulling down humanitarian aid from providing assistance to affected populations as many areas remain vulnerable and open to insurgency.

“Ongoing insecurity, which has resulted in further malnutrition of displaced people has worsened, also confined by the impact of COVID-19 and lack of resources.”

Kallon has asked international communities not to look away from the situation which could result in famine, if actions are not taken to avert it.

“We need 250 million dollars to respond to the food insecurity needs of 4.4 million people of whom some 705,000 are at a critical risk and urgently need special nutritional feeding to save their lives or suffer death if nothing is done now,” he said.

“However, providing aid in this volatile and unpredictable region is dangerous, and in some cases, impossible. We are very hopeful and working collectively to ensure that responses are localised in those affected areas.”

Nigeria is struggling with a decade-long insurgency in its Northeast, activities of terrorists, known locally as bandits, in the Northwest and North-central, inter-etnic clashes and separatist agitation in the Southwest, Southeast, and South-South.

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