Ronaldo fans left furious as Messi places above Al-Nassr star in publication’s Ballon d’Or rankings

The perpetual argument over who holds the title of the superior player between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi remains ongoing.

Both football icons boast devoted supporters and critics, sparking frequent debates about various aspects of their illustrious careers.

The recent point of contention revolves around the 2024 Ballon d’Or rankings published by GiveMeSport. This list identifies potential frontrunners for the prestigious award, with Real Madrid’s Jude Bellingham and Bayern Munich’s Harry Kane topping the charts.

Surprisingly, Cristiano Ronaldo finds himself in the tenth position, causing astonishment among his fan base. Notably, Lionel Messi secures the ninth spot, just ahead of CR7, intensifying the discussion.

It is worth noting that Messi clinched his eighth Ballon d’Or accolade in the previous year, as highlighted by EuroSport. This achievement followed his captaincy of Argentina to victory in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Ballon d’Or’s new rule change

The primary source of disbelief among fans regarding Messi’s higher ranking than Ronaldo is attributed to the updated Ballon d’Or rules, as highlighted by 90MIN.

Unlike the previous calendar-year evaluation, players are now assessed based on their performances throughout a season. This adjustment potentially favors Ronaldo, who has already notched an impressive 24 goals across all competitions for his club.

It’s crucial to note that the MLS season spans from February to December, leaving Messi without club-level contributions within the current Ballon d’Or assessment period.

Despite GiveMeSport seemingly employing different criteria for their rankings, supporters remain irate about placing Messi ahead of Ronaldo.

Here’s how supporters reacted:


“What is Messi doing there? He has been on vacation for the last 4 months.”


“Still Messi above him for not playing for the past 3months.”

Oluwagbemiro Diamond:

“They still rate Messi above Ronaldo in 2024? Lordy!”


“It’s a joke! What Messi is doing in this list.”


“Messi is going to take the balloon d’or because he won WC 2022. Lmao 🤣”


“So Messi is 9 just for breathing.”


“What is Messi doing there? World Cup ended in 2022.”

Murphy Spurs:

“God will punish GiveMeSport how could you rate Messi ahead of Ronaldo this current season.”

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