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Vocational Training, Answer To Unemployment Among Nigerian Youths

According to the National Bureau of Statistics(NBS) Labour Force Survey, Nigeria’s unemployment rate was 27% in Q2 2020. I considered it a point of duty especially to the Nigerian youths to bring to their notice through the edition of a widely read Newspaper, the concept of Vocational Training.

Vocational training as the title of this post says is the answer to the rise in unemployment rate among the youths in Nigeria.

What is vocational training you will ask? Well, vocational training could be defined as the process of going through a learning of skills that involves the use of both machines and other devices and materials to produce things that can be used to better the living condition of oneself and others in the society at large by specialist in fields such as Computer, Bread-making, Fashion desingning, Barbing skills, cake baking, brick laying, bead making, mechanic(motor) repair, vehicle body repair and other kind of crafts that would keep the youths out of the unemployment rate market.

Going further, you will realize that the idea of vocational training is not a child’s play when it comes to someone making himself or herself available for any of the vocations one so desires so as to derive benefits therein.

It would be observed that where one is engaged in a meaningful skill or skills that would uplift life expectancy and avoid engaging in gangsterism, robbery, cultism, pilfering, unhealthy arguments on foreign football and other vices that would endanger the lives and future of the youths, then vocational training is the answer to unemployment among the Nigerian youths.

Many of the youths that finished their Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and have no good result to show for the years spent in school are advised to go for vocational training that would empower them against the future so that they too can become respected citizens of this great country and contribute immensely to the economic and social political growth of our great country Nigeria.

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